In the summers of my childhood, I would spend some weeks with my father in a college town nestled in the pines of East Texas. The house he shared with my grandmother had a sloping yard with spilling roils of ivy that led on one side into the untamed forest…

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In its final season, “Pose” remains a cultural force celebrating the queer Black and brown performers of ballroom culture whose influence ripples across generations. The show makes nods to people and events in “Paris is Burning,” its spiritual predecessor, but Jennie Livingston’s 1990 documentary is by no means required viewing…

The road through grief and healing from grandson to grandmother.

I was at my desk in the office where I work in downtown Manhattan, texting my mother in San Antonio, TX and nervously optimistic about my grandmother’s prognosis. “Let me know what I can do when we know more,” I said.

“I will.” my mom replied. …

Matt Becher

Arts fundraiser, illustrator, and freelance writer. Featured on, Fatherly, and others. Three-time @quora Top Writer.

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